pinpoint - a tool for making hackers do excellent presentations

Pinpoint is a simple presentation tool that hopes to avoid audience death by bullet point and instead encourage presentations containing beautiful images and small amounts of concise text in slides.


An exhaustive example of the pinpoint format is the sample presentation distributed with pinpoint. For a demonstration video see the presentation by ØyvindKolås from Libre Graphics Meeting 2011.

A short example to get the flavour of a presentation follows:

# the 0th "slide" provides default styling for the presentation
[bottom]             # position of text
[slide-bg.jpg]       # default slide background
--- [black] [center] # override background and text position

A presentation

-------  # lines starting with hyphens separate slides

The format is meant to be <u>simple</u>

# simple enough that you can organize your story and ideas as very plain text.

--- [ammo.jpg]      # override background

• Bullet point lists through unicode
• Evil, but sometimes needed

--- [photo1.jpg]
# nothing wrong with slides that are just visual content
--- [photo2.jpg]
--- [movie.ogv] # in particular not when it is a video
last slide

Get pinpoint

The latest released version is 0.1.4 released in Nov 15, 2011.

Pinpoint is packaged for Fedora, Debian, Mageia, and openSUSE. If you run one of these linux distros pinpoint might be installable using your package manager.

You can download the sources from or clone the git repository using

git clone



There is a mailinglist for the discussion of development (and use) of pinpoint, for information about subscribing see:


We used to hang out on #pinpoint at the GIMPNet network (, but it seems pretty empty these days.


Reports of pinpoint misbehaving, desirable feature enhancement and more are kept in GNOME bugzilla. File a new bug.


Making vim think your file is a unified diff provides ample syntax highlighting, dedicated syntax highlighting can be found in this github repo:

Highlighting for gedit and other gtksourceview-3.0-based editors is available here:


This section collects a few ideas that could be nice additions to pinpoint. The list is sorted by desirability, highest desired first, help is warmly welcomed!


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