Here are some situations where PDF Mod can come in handy:

  • Adam downloads a large instructions manual for his printer. He wants to send instructions on how to setup the email scanner to his coworker Anita, but not require sending the entire document to him. Instead, he wants to just send the specific pages Anita needs to perform on the scanner to Anita's email, instead of requiring Anita to find the specific 2 pages in the entire 100 page document.
  • Barry uses his scanner to scan documents, which automatically puts a PDF in a shared folder he can access. After scanning the 10 page document, he realized that he scanned an extra page. Currently, Barry rescans the entire document to remove that extra page.
  • Cindy received a document from her boss that includes graphs in landscape layout and text in portrait. Using Evince, she currently gets frustrated as she keeps having to rotate the document depending on what page she is on, and she wants to fix the document once and for all, with the pages rotated in the PDF to match her document, so when she sends it out to others to work on, it appears correctly without anyone else having to suffer through rotating each page like she did.
  • Dan scanned the lease he just signed to keep a digital record of it. After he finished scanning it, he realized he forgot to scan an addendum to the lease and wants to add it onto the end of the PDF.
  • Eric scanned all of the receipts for his recent business trip and wants to get reimbursed for it. In order to make it easier for HR, he wants to have the receipts ordered by date, but he did not insert them into the scanner in that order. He wants an easy way to have the receipts in the proper order instead of having to rescan all of them.

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