This is the TODO list for PDF Mod. If you want to work on anything here (or anything not here), feel free!

Nice to Have

  • Smaller DnD icons
  • Adjust compression
  • possibility to display document name and site number under every thumb
  • add pdf-sites via drag'n'drop instead of opening another window
  • open multiple sites at once in one project
  • check for available diskpace before exporting pdf (otherwise pdfmod will crash!)


  • Set/remove password
  • Sign the document
  • Attachments (PopplerAttachment) saving?

  • OCR
  • Dialog when dragging URI into document (or using Insert from button) - which pages to insert?
  • Ability to insert bookmarks. This possibly could be a simple white slide with black text which is merged as a regular bookmark when exported
  • Ability to insert PDF notes.


  • (if posible) Ability to apply a crop on all pages of a PDF document; also scale;

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