There is a rough implementation available based on gobject and gtktreeview implementing a custom gobject structure.

IDEAS: ===========================

  • use eggsqlitestore, but do massive improvements
  • only load on-demand 1000 lines into the treeview
  • use signals for resize/scroll to calculate the lines to load/display
  • on a scroll, disable the widget and load the lines when the scroll is finished
  • discard or cache all other lines up to a limit of X MB cache
  • use a simplistic view, just consisting of headers, listen for change in prefs to reload the appropriate lines if the layout has changed
  • on a row expand cache the sub-thread lines and append them to that row
  • drop pantreestore in favor of the new model or not?
  • pantreestore could still be useful, but the information about the other articles isn't readily available
  • pantreestore/groupheaders need those informations sometimes, so a workaround is needed(!)

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