Simple note editor


  1. TODO
  2. Wishlist


On the coding side... See wishlist below


  • amend "Last Updated" footer to make this.. well, a footer, which should not overlap text.

  • mail as storage => GSoC 2014

  • inline images.
  • improve drag and drop : handle utf8 and fils (.txt, .html, .org... import).
  • export (need to think about that one. maybe html, tomboy, .org).
  • Evernote support.
  • Folder, lists, notebooks, tags support.
  • Port to GtkTextView.

  • libbiji shall remain in C. It handles the notes (io, tracker, online, controller aka note book). It is not annotated yet.
    • Item is the base class : an item might be a Collection or a Note. A Note might be a localNote or a distant note (currently both are based on GFile).
  • bjb is the application and UI (gsettings,...). It's currently in C. Unfortunately it does not use GtkBuilder.

    • bjbController is the link with each window and libbiji.

Apart from cleanup / bugfixing, a lot of efforts still remain

  • Bijiben uses its own popup to edit text (bold, copy and paste...). It's not all integrated with Gtk on-going efforts. See Selecting Gtk texts.

  • Attaching images to note is missing.
  • Editor is too basic. Automatic linking & maybe emoticon is missing.

  • Sharing could see huge improvments
  • Will have to get rid of Clutter.

  • Integration with tracker is not good enough. See Tracker thoughts (prior to Bijiben however)

Online providers are today only ownCloud

  • Google Keep seems the highest prio since goa, but there is no API as of today.
  • Evernote -> packaging Thrift for more distro. See Everpad.

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