Niepce Digital is an application for digital photographers. The idea is to explore new path to provide tools suited for the workflow of photographers.

It will take ideas where it make sense, and invent new ones.

Of course this is completly Free Software.



See the dedicated TODO list that will list goals to reach for the first milestones.

Milestone 1 will focus on library management and metadatas.

Milestone 2 will focus on picture editing.

The bigger picture

There is a bigger picture to that. There is hope to make "Milestone 2" a modular part with a framework that other software could use. While the library management is pretty much workflow, and end up to be the way of things that differentiate tools, the picture editing an be made, on the processing side, generic and flexible.

Real world example: Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW share the same code for processing. Apple iPhoto and Aperture as well (and also now shore the library format).

This is something that none of the existing application do.


C++ 11, Rust, boost, gtkmm 3.22, gegl 0.3.0, exempi, libopenraw, sqlite3 and libgphoto2 2.5

Source code

 git clone
  • No tarball release yet.

Mailing list

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