Future plans

  • Better Windows support
    • testing
    • packaging (all library dependencies, maybe VC plugins required executables)
  • Remove popup dialogs from Meld, replacing with MsgArea or GtkInfoBar

  • Smarter (&quicker) incremental diff computation

Other ideas

  • Improve the task system. Especially adding support for more than
    • time-based sleeps e.g. I/O. Moving to python2.5 with its improved yield expressions could help.
  • Single scrollbar for filediff

Proposed keybindings

  • F8 next change (see (*) below)
  • F7 prev change (see (*) below)
  • F5 refresh/(reload) (standard for refresh)
  • "+" unfold node (dirdiff/vcdiff)
  • "-" fold node (dirdiff/vcdiff)
  • "*" unfold tree (dirdiff/vcdiff)

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