Resources for the implementation of public transit support.

The work-in-progress code can be found in the wip/mlundblad/transit-routing branch Bug. Currently this requires either running an instance of OpenTripPlanner locally, or point out a instance using the OTP_BASE_URL environment variable.

A list of GTFS feeds I (Marcus Lundblad) have tested with so far can be found in Apps/Maps/Resources/GTFSFeeds. Running with the feeds marked with green in the list (the ones working), the OTP Java process consumes around 6-7 GB (note this is when running locally with only light manual testing load).

For keeping GTFS feeds up-to-date I have created a Python-based update utility

Bugzilla bug tracking setting up infrastructure:

Traffic statistics for our current turn-based (car, bike, walk) routing (via GraphHopper): ≈ 500 requests/day (peaking at ≈1000) about 50% car, 20% bike, and 30% walking.

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