No GNOME Keysign servers around

If you are getting the message about the application not being able to find nearby servers, you might simply be not connected to a network or, if you are, nobody in that network has announced the availability of a GNOME Keysign server.

Technically, the application uses Avahi to detect a service with the name "_gnome-keysign._tcp". With the Avahi tools, you can announce such a service on the network:

  • avahi-publish -s foo-name _gnome-keysign._tcp 8080 fingerprint=FF52DA33C025B1E0B91092FC1C3419BF1BF98D6D

If you are sure that you are connected to a network and that you have a server offering a key, you can manually scan for the presence of services using

  • avahi-browse -a

If that does not yield anything related to GNOME Keysign after the other party started the server, the network may be blocking the packets Avahi is sending.

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