Gwibber Patch Day

There are lots of patches sitting around on launchpad that need review. Let's get together and review the patches/branches and help get them merged into trunk.

When and where

6PM PDT (0100 UTC) on Tuesday May 8th 2012.

Those that are attending UDS in person, lets meet in front of the bar on the 2nd floor. If you are interested in helping review, please add your name to the list below and indicate if you will be attending in person. It is always lots of fun to do this face to face, so we'll get together and also hang out in #gwibber on freenode for those that couldn't make it to UDS.



IRC nick

Attending UDS




Bilal Shahid



David Klasinc



Bilal Shahid has gone through the bugs with patches and helped create lists of what we should be looking at.

List of patches submitted within the past couple months, likely still applies: Patches

List of patches submitted more than a couple months ago, probably doesn't apply: Patches (OLD)

Active reviews

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