Gwibber could use a new logo, something that tries to express social interaction.

Abi Rasheed has put together a couple of concepts and we would like to gather some feedback. Please look at these and provide constructive feedback as bullet points below each concept. Please include your name next to your feedback.

Concept 1



  • This design is growing on me. I like it. -- Taryn Fox
  • Perhaps this logo could be simplified more? How to make a 16×16px icon with this? And I would like to see less gloss, it’s dated. -- Fitoschido
  • Things I don't like:
    • It's a really busy, complicated design for a logo / icon
    • The 'G' is almost completely lost
    • As a Linux user, the color scheme of the bubbles reminds me of Ubuntu's logo
  • Things would like to see explored more:
    • the 'bubbles' -- I like the effervescent feel and could communicate the idea of 'social interaction and communication' while getting away from a speech bubble which implies 'text' or 'talking' only.
    • a less complicated, 'flat' design before going for shading or three dimensional effects
  • Far too complicated. Perhaps a clearer 'G' with only the top three faces and no bubbles would work?

Concept 1.1 64x64 Icon version



Concept 2



  • This looks sort of like a movie theater promo to me, for some reason. I'm not sure it really expresses the brand. -- Taryn Fox, who isn't used to wiki editing
  • Same as the previous, I’d like to see those gloss removed. And non-distorted text. --Fitoschido
  • Doesn't communicate social interaction at all

Concept 3


  • feels like an after-thought compared to the treatments in the above concepts. Very similar to the current logo.

Concept 4



  • Nice and simple - but might look out of place among other application icons in its current state.

Concept 5


Concept 5.1 : standard sizes



  • Quite like this one. Perhaps line ends are in need of rounding though, as well as some extra white space around the G/@?

Concept 6

gwibber8.png The ubuntu colors + the face comprising of the two Gg's give it the socialness, the rest is self explanatory regarding how it conveys blogging using the " and _. Note this is a logo concept, the icon for this will have key elements taken from the logo so it doesn't look cluttered.


  • Very 'Twitter-like'. Good - needs to be de-cluttered though.The tilted 'G' would work well as an icon.
  • That's pretty nice for me and i suggest that the G must be in blue colour. -Bilal Shahid (s9iper1)

Concept 7

gwibber_2_m_s.png Just a simple straight forward logo and Icon.


Concept 8

gwicon.png gwicon_alt.png

  • Icons based around the existing Gwibber speech bubble and suggestive of icon/logo styles of popular social media sites. Works well on both light and dark backgrounds.


Concept 9


  • This concept is based on a computer key and the open/closed quotes suggesting blogging. The icons will be in a similar fashion but more trimmed down.



Concept 10


  • This design shows a C for Communication and an i for Internet which melts in a G as in Gwibber. I prefer the design in the 3rd row with the border. But I also like the 1st and 5th. As color I prefer orange, green or red as the others may vanish.



Concept 11


  • This design shows a smiling speech bubble in a facebook-alike blue. Simply lovely, isn't it? ;)



Concept 12


  • This draft has 6 concepts based on negative space G in a symmetrical pattern. Simplicity was key in the design and subtle complexity.



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