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gucharmap is the GNOME Character Map, based on the Unicode Character Database.


  • Browse characters by Unicode block or script
  • Display information about each character:
    • Unicode code point
    • Unicode character name
    • Unicode category
    • Unicode canonical decomposition
    • Useful representations
      • UTF-8 encoding (e.g. 0xE2 0x86 0x90)
      • UTF-16 encoding (e.g. 0x2190)
      • C octal escaped UTF-8 (e.g. \342\206\220)
      • XML decimal entity (e.g. ←)

    • For CJK ideographs (unless not compiled in):
      • definition
      • Mandarin pronunciation
      • Cantonese pronunciation
      • Tang pronunciation
      • Korean pronunciation
      • Japanese Kun pronunciation
      • Japanese On (“Sino-Japanese”) pronunciation
  • Search for a character by any name and other information
  • Jump to a character by code point
  • View in any font at any point size, switch among fonts quickly
  • Identify the first character from the clipboard or X selection
  • Copy strings of characters chosen from the table to the clipboard and X selection
  • Drag selection into the character map to identify a character
  • Drag and drop out of the character map
  • Magnify the active character
  • See which font is actually being used to draw each character’s glyph
  • The character map is a GTK+ widget, and can be used in other programs

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