gtranslator development page

Somewhere to keep notes and todos that don't fit in bugzilla or elsewhere.

Things to do for version 2:

  • Ensure all parser and GUI-related bugs are resolved in HEAD.
  • Make the release and announce it.
  • New icons for the interface.
  • New features:
    • Profiles (see bug 115249) (Assigned to Pablo Sanxiao) (Done)
    • Translation Memories (Related bugs: 462828, 514245) (Assigned to Pablo Sanxiao) (Done)
  • Migrating manual to gnome-doc-utils format. (Bug 398478) (Assigned to Pablo Sanxiao) (Done)
  • Cleaning preferences (Bug 551400) (Assigned to Seán de Búrca)
  • Write developer documentation
  • Update user documentation
  • Using GNU coding rules.

Things to do for version 2.2:

  • Python bindings and maybe vala bindings.
  • Bookmarks. (Bug #502308)
  • A catalog to manage the po files. (Bug #149800)
  • glossary integration (tbx)

Waiting on:

  • Lots of testing.

Features brainstorm

Thinking on a feature request? Let's discuss it!

  • Terminology hints on a panel, like Pootle (screenshot).

    • This is different from automatic translation! While the translator manually edits a translation (even a previously automatically translated one), (s)he would have hints from one or more vocabularies (like GNOME Glossary translations). Similar to dictionary lookup in KBabel, but "heads up". Similar to current suggestions in poEdit's context menu, but with fewer, more standard sources, and again without need to input a command (it is always exhibited). --LeonardoFontenelle

  • GUI for translation memory
    • It might make it really easier to manage the TM! And, of course, (ask to?) add saved files automatically to the TM. --LeonardoFontenelle

  • Clever editing

    • Should be make messages much easier to edit and less prone to contain errors. Maybe don't even show escape sequences, just the desired character (like a line break or "). Might confuse users initially; instead of making it optional, just warn the translator with a dialog when he first tries to input \", \n or such. --LeonardoFontenelle

  • Syntax highlight and check
    • Check and highlight (colorize) syntax elements like "%d" and "<b>" (markup in PO files is a Bad Thing, I know, but it happens). Check for all kind of syntax errors when the user moves on to the next message. --LeonardoFontenelle (Maybe applying bold and italic tags to markups?)

  • Differences highlight

    • Very useful when translating documentation! Danilo Segan has a tool for this, IIRC. --LeonardoFontenelle

  • Reorder/Filter messages by source file
    • Sometimes you want to see a message next to other ones from the same file, e.g. when many docbooks are translated in a single PO file, or when you are translating schemas or dialog messages. I guess this should be useful, innovative and maybe even easy to implement. --LeonardoFontenelle

  • Showing messages in Glade
    • Probably very tricky, but I'd like to mention it anyway. When a message comes from a Glade file, some shortcut or button could launch glade (provided it is installed, of course) and somehow exhibit the widget where the message is displayed. gconf schemas could be more easily translated using either a similar feature or the "reorder/sort by source file" one. --LeonardoFontenelle

Plugin requests

  • Machine translation using Apertium (for DBus bindings see here) - --Francis Tyers

  • A plugin using meld to see the differents between two po files. (Bug #475778) (Done)
  • Damned lies plugin. (Bug #510356)

Extra plugins

  • Extra plugins for gtranslator are hosted on git-hub repo: gtranslator-plugins. Currently following plug-ins are ready to use:

    • punctuation: Checks the exactness of punctuations of translation. It has also additional features such a ignoring tags and recognizing three dot as a single punctuation.

    • gtranslator-spell: Spell checking plug-in which uses Enchant libraries instead of gtk-spell. Can check whole po file for spelling mistakes and such.

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