Gtranslator's Hackfest - GUADEC 2012

This page hosts all the information about the Gtranslator's Hackfest, which will be held in July 30 and 31.

The main target of this Hackfest is to fix several bugs in Gtranslator, a tool used to translate PO files, as well as to try to get new features.


It is not neccesary to be registered previously, but it's recommended to give notice that you will participate, in order to manage tasks properly. If you want to .collaborate with this event, please contact with Daniel Mustieles at <daniel dot mustieles at gmail dot com> or with Petr Kovar at <pmkovar at gnome dot org>.

Bug's list

The following list is a bugs selection taken from Bugzilla, with a short description of each one. Here you can get a full list of bugs

New Features

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