Things we plan to do in Gnumeric

These are our immediate (and not-so-immediate) plans for new features or just work to be done in Gnumeric. Feel free to contact us if you want to help or just discuss any of these.

The developers' scratch pad gives an idea of which tasks are outstanding on various topics.

Immediate plans

  • Any Release Critical reports The BUGS file keeps a list of known release problems and plans at the top.

Intermediate plans

  • Pivot tables. We have docs (from the MS Excel 97 developers kit) of the records. Now I just need to get a feel for what these do.

Wish-list (long-range plans)

  • Scripting. After some vacilation trying to decide between wrapping Gnumeric's object model, and providing something that is VBA compatible, the latter won. We'll export an api in C that is compatible with the widely used VBA interface, and wrap it in several languages (Python, VB.NET, and C# are likely candidates).

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