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Ideas with willing mentors

If you're willing to help the mentor for one of the ideas, feel free to add your name after the existing mentors.

  • Scripting : Jon-Kare Hellan <>

    • Skills : Python or Mono or javascript + C.
      Gnumeric has an internal 'libspreadsheet' that is ready to be wrapped in either python via pygobject, or C# via mono, or javascript if desired. The object model should be something similar to MS Excel to simplify compatibility but it is not a requirement for python. Applicants would be familiar with the target language, and have some experience interfacing C/Glib with them.

  • Improve ODF and/or OOX import/export : JodyGoldberg

    • Skills : C, MS Excel.
      The formats are well standard and are moderately well documented. Gnumeric has reasonable import support for both, and margin export. Help improve the quality of your favorite, or do both at once to amortize the effort.

  • Additional Plot Types : JeanBrefort

    • Skills : C + Familiarity with charting and 2d/3d graphics.
      Add support for data labels or use Gnumeric's architecture to provide a more convenient approach to parametric plots. Alternatively developers could add other 2d or 3d plot types, or implement any graphical technique such as those described here.

  • Chart axis editor improvements: EmmanuelPacaud

    • Skills : C.
      Axis property editor currently always shows the same interface, which is not convenient when the axis mapping follows a log scale, or the axis relates to a time scale. The candidate should implement an axis editor really adapted to the axis properties, and fix the axis rendering itself when necessary (See for issues related to time axes).

  • New type of chart axes: EmmanuelPacaud

  • Persistent text import settings : EmmanuelPacaud

    • Skills : C + XML.
      Implement framework for users to store custom variations of the text import settings. In the end, the candidate could also implement an automatic selection of the text import settings, based on the file extension and/or on the actual file content.

  • Document Centric Widgets : JodyGoldberg

    • Skills : Familiarity with Gtk+.
      Document based applications have common operations that require widgets that are too specialised for widgets in libgtk itself. The candidate would be responsible for designing and writing widgets to support

    • Creating a document from a template
    • Selecting a zoom level
    • Selecting a themed colour
    • Extensions to the FileSave dialog to handle resolution, removing private data, and error handling.

  • Additional Statistical Analyses : AndreasGuelzow

    • Skills : C + Familiarity with statistical analyses Examples would be more general ANOVA's, common non-parametric tests or anything else of interest.

  • Or propose other ideas. The work would take place in libgoffice using gtk.

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