Gnote is a port of Tomboy to C++.

It is the same note taking application, including most of the add-ins (more are to come). Synchronization support is being worked on.


Gnote User Manual


Can be downloaded from

Software Packages

  • Fedora: includes Gnote in Fedora 10, 11 and 12. In Fedora 12 and above it is installed by default. For 10 & 11 you can:

 yum install gnote 

  • Debian: includes Gnote in the unstable repository:

 apt-get install gnote 

(packages for Debian Squeeze are available from (version 0.7.1), packages for Debian Lenny are available from

Latest Ubuntu packages are also available from

  • Arch Linux has gnote in community

 pacman -Syu gnote 

Source code

The source code is currently hosted by GNOME.

git clone git://

repository browser:

Reporting bugs

Submitting patches

Use git format-patch to make the patches against Git.

Mailing list


The IRC channel is #gnote on GimpNet: irc://


Aurimas ńĆernius

File format

The Gnote file format is the same as Tomboy's Note Format, but there no warranties about Tomboy being able to read them. You have been warned.


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