Things TODO

Besides this list, there is also the current list of bugs in the bugzilla.


  • Fix some GnomeGoals

  • Need to revise the way some event handlers act (by setting variables to determine whether events should be processed)
  • Use Uri for handling subtitle files (as is done with video files)
  • Opening an SRT with blank subtitles seems to create subtitles with the number zero as text. To reproduce: open SRT file, Save As translation (with blank text). The SRT file must have styles in some subtitles. (SubLib)

  • With the cursor inside TranslationEdit, creating a New file doesn't erase the message on the status bar.

  • Revise focus/Activation in dialogs
  • Changing to an invalid path on file open will try to detect videos in that file and throw exception. Check errors on video file open. When opening a subtitle file in a path without permissions, checking for available video files will throw exception
  • Add the extension to the filename immediately after opening the SaveAs dialog, not only when changing the format in the dialog

  • Change the SetSubtitleStart and SetSubtitleEnd commands to allow multiple selection

  • Add support to copy subtitles from the View to the clipboard (currently only copies text from the editing area)
  • Choose/select Open instead of New, by default, on application start, in the toolbar
  • Set the folder on VideoOpenDialog according to the path of the open video

  • Check how the --disable-nls parameter can be used in ./configure to disable NLS support (and gettext dependencies), for distros that support it.
  • Feature "shift amount" and "shift to" in Shift dialog
  • Allow to insert subtitle having the video position as start time. (Maybe have a "video mode", where multiple video-related features are enabled; besides this one, have the subtitles scroll to the video position automatically as it's played)
  • Use MIME types in the file open/save dialogs
  • Error correction dialog: have an option allowing to run the validations on open. Have "run validations" and "show report" functionality (storing the report somewhere).
  • Easy timing: "Press and hold" feature has an Apply button that sets the start/end times on press/release; "Manual mode" has Start, Next and End buttons, where Next moves to the next subtitle and sets its start time to the time of the video (duration is based on the text).
  • Allow to set average duration per character on short, medium and long captions.
  • Name change - Time and Frames, in video preview, to Duration; To, From and During to Start, End and Duration
  • Fix underlines in dialog labels
  • Fix menu names (see this)

  • Allow to change timing mode when no file or video are open
  • Set "From" and "To" buttons clickable, on SubtitleEdit, to substitute the Set Subtitle Start and Set Subtitle End buttons

Not So Simple

  • Improve status bar messages
  • Add support for merging subtitles
  • Add support for storing recent files - use RecentFiles from MonoDevelop or perhaps GtkRecent

  • Save the scrolling state for documents, like Evince does
  • Star/mark subtitles, like in GMail
  • Automatic translation through the web (google?)

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