Gnome Subtitles Release Procedure

1. Revise base project files

  • NEWS

2. Set shell variables


3. Create the source package

  • Autogen autotools' files with:
  • Package with:
    • make dist
  • Test package with:
    • make check

4. Commit changes and tag

  • Commit changes for the release
  • Tag the release with:

  git tag -a gnome-subtitles-$GS_VERSION master -m "Tagging release $GS_VERSION."
  git push --tags

5. Create Screenshots

  • Screenshots are to be created for the windows or dialogs that have changed
  • Create screenshots with:

  gnome-screenshot --window --include-border --delay=5 --border-effect=shadow
  • Flatten images with white background
  • Screenshots for project page:
    • Automatic resize is correct, no need to transform them manually
  • Screenshot for sourceforge project page (main window only):
    • Scale to maximum 640x480 with Sinc method
  • Screenshots for website:
    • Create thumbs resizing at 60% with Sinc method

6. Release sources

  • Upload to the Sourceforge File Manager

  • Verify integrity
  • Test the source package with
    • make check

7. Update websites

8. Notify

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