GnomeMud is an advanced MUD client for GNOME

Project Status

The current release of GnomeMud is 0.11.2

0.11.2 News

  • Fix several crashers on connect and reconnect to muds [Les]
  • Fix other problems when disconnecting and reconnecting [Les]
  • The two connect dialogs are now merged into one [Les]
  • Removed Python plugins from the distribution [Les]
  • Fix character set issues. Convert client messages to the user's character set before printing them. Avoid crashes if the user inputs a character that cannot be converted to his character set [Les]
  • Fix default color settings for new profiles [Les]
  • Disable several options from the UI if no connection is active [Les]
  • Fix many memory leaks throughout the codebase [Les]
  • Remove several obsolete preference items [Les]
  • Optimizations for MCCP code [Les]
  • Update credits dialog [Jordi]
  • Several other bugfixes
  • Translations:
    • Catalan [Jordi Mallach]


Our goal is to make GnomeMud feature rich while still maintaining usability. Here are some of the things in GnomeMud right now:

  • 256 Color Support plus the standard ECMA-48 (ANSI) colors.
  • Mud Sound Protocol - GnomeMud can play sound effects and music on MSP enabled servers.

  • MCCPv2 support.
  • Triggers and Aliases with perl compatible regular expressions.
  • Internalization - Comes with many translations and handles character sets properly on non-ISO-8859-1 (latin1) muds.
  • SOCKS Proxy Support - Versions 4 and 5.
  • Multiple mud connections.
  • Separate input history for each connection.
  • Profiles - Each Mud can have it's own preference settings.
  • RFC compliant telnet implementation - You should never notice this but it ensures things run smooth.

Development plans

Road to 0.12

  • A more coherent ui for Aliases/Triggers/Variables/etc
  • Powerful trigger support.
  • Variable support.
  • Timer support.
  • Keybindings

Longterm Roadmap


  • Lua Integration


  • New Automapper


  • New text widget that will enable the fancy things MXP can do.
  • MXP

Love tasks

Here you can find a list of GNOME-MUD bugs or tasks that are suitable for new contributors (please ask the maintainers before starting a task, or add a note in bugzilla).

  • Auto-reconnect
  • User definable button bar
  • Customizable status line
  • Make it run on Windows

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