GNOME Activity Journal (formerly GNOME Zeitgeist)

<!> See Zeitgeist for information about the Zeitgeist engine used internally by the GNOME Activity Journal.


The GNOME Activity Journal is a tool for easily browsing and finding files on your computer. It uses Zeitgeist to get information and metadata on what files/websites/contacts/etc. you worked with.

Links: Zeitgeist Website, Zeitgeist on Launchpad, GNOME Activity Journal on Launchpad


The Zeitgeist code is split into two modules:

Getting in touch

Mailing list:

IRC: #zeitgeist @, #gnome-zeitgeist @

Use cases

More at the Zeitgeist Vision page.

Grouping and Filtering

Our goal is to group/filter the data by:



GUI Sprints


Long term goals


Mockups And Current Usage

Some work was done by the City of Largo in the past which replicated some of the features of the Activity Journal. Possibly some of this work can result in ideas for improving the User Interface.

Mockups And Usage.

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