RAD tool for quick & easy development of UIs for GTK+.

Glade is a user interface designer for GTK+ applications. It is used to rapidly prototype GTK+ and GNOME applications. It provides a framework that allows an application author to dynamically add, remove, and modify widgets. It is done in a very simple, yet powerful manner that lets even novice developers design a user interface in a short time.

Glade saves a user interface description to an XML file, and this can be dynamically used in your application using GtkBuilder. By using GtkBuilder, you are left with more maintainable code, with a separation between the applications design and its behavior. GtkBuilder is especially useful, because the XML file is loaded at runtime, allowing you to make tweaks to your user interface without having to recompile your application.

Getting in Touch

Development Resources

A list of todo items is avaliable as enhancement bugs in bugzilla

Information about development, documentation, downloads or how to contact the project members is avaliable at the Glade website:


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