Gitg Wishlist

Do you miss a favourite feature from another git client in Gitg? If so, please add it to the list along with a comment on why it should be useful to most users.


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Honour commit parent order

Normally the 1st parent of a commit is the branch we're merging _into_, so if you keep this on the left then you can always read a merge as right-to-left. At the moment it seems to be a bit random.

Fixed in cde9808 and d3cb803

Preferences tab to set Git name and email

Easy access to setting name and email than execute long command in terminal

Fixed in 963b4d8

Badge to display difference between local commits and master

Know how many commits need to be pushed to repository.

'Create a branch' button

Available in GitX

Useful for newbies using Git.

Improve search to filter commits by Author, Subject or Date range

Would help in isolating commits should it be required.

File history

Available in GitX

One could easily view the commit history for a single file especially when rebasing a branch.

Pull button

Available in Sourcetree

Quick way to get the latest changes!

Push button

Available in Sourcetree

Push to desired branch without needing to remember repository names.


Commit button

Good for newbies learning Git.

Stash changes button

Feature available in GitY

Quick stashing of changes when switching branches.

Ability to rebase

Advanced operation for advanced users!


Keep original timezone info for commits

User requested


Remember last selected tabs

For ease of usability sakes


Open Terminal with current repository's directory

Available in GitY

For quick access to command line without having to fumble around cd nests.

Quick pastebin files

Helps to show the file quickly to non git users without the diff information.

Bookmarking functionality

The ability to 'bookmark' commits, so that you can easily find back certain commits

I use gitg when I do code review. Bookmarks could help me easily find the commit I am reviewing

Ignore white-space in diff

Option for ignore white space in diff of files

Makes navigating diff for code that has white space change a lot for readability (e.g. VHDL) much easier for picking out the true content changes.

No fast forward when merging

Do not do an automatic fast forward when merging in a branch.

To be able to follow the Git-Flow as described on

Add commit message from command-line

Command line argument for prepopulating the commit message field

Component-based design: While opening multiple projects from the command line, it would be nice to add the same commit message (ie, issue number) in the message field for each of the components that I have edited to fix a single issue

Show position of HEAD/index when HEAD is in a detached state

When the HEAD is in a detached state it would be nice to show the commit the detached-HEAD is at. It could look like showing which branch is checked out.

It's hard to know which commit is checked out. Even though "Added gitignore" is checkout out (left image), you can't tell.

Added GPG-sign support

The ability to sign a commit with a given PGP key

It provides a way give more assurance that a commit is not spoofed.

Add Drop-down list to reuse older commit messages in commit section

Prepopulating the commit message field with last commit message, and the ability to choose from older commit messages

Very useful if you have to follow a prescribed template with git commits

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