The Dash is a new element in gitg which is displayed when you launch gitg without opening a git repository (when it's launched neither with a git repository argument, nor started from a git repository). The dash presents the user with the following possibilities/information:

  • List of recently used/known git repositories

    • For each repository, a small amount of information of the repository is displayed, like current branch, last commit (subject and by whom) etc.
  • Open yet unknown repository

    • Allows the user to open a repository on disk which is not yet known to gitg
  • Create a new repository

    • Here it would be interesting to support creating a repository from some well known providers, such as gnome, github and gitorious.

When the user opens a repository from the dash, the view is switched to the main repository view of gitg.

Screenshots from other clients

Following are some screenshots from other clients which have a similar dash and on which the dash for gitg will be/is largely inspired.

github for mac


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