Meeting 20-06-2013

Drop topics in here

  • Goals for first release?
    • Commit
    • Clone
    • Format-patch
    • ?
  • Design decisions?
    • Vertial/Horizontal layout
    • Files in a dialog?
    • How do we provide commit actions?
    • Allow loading more than one repository?
      • this would require quite a few changes in how things are handled now...


Gitg meeting, June 20th, 2013


Ignacio Casal Quintero, Jesse van den Kieboom, Paolo Borelli, Sindhu S, Techlive Zheng

 * Too many layers?
 * Actions:
  - keep libgit2-glib as a thin libgit2 wrapper
  - keep the current architecture for now, but be pragmatic about doing things in the core if it is easier
  - Consider moving the main activities (overview, history, commit) in the core and provide extension points for those "pages"
  - Document the architecture
  - Fix parallel build of the libs

UI Design
 * gitg evolved away from Jesse's initial ideas
 * how to introduce features (commit, "branch" actions, etc)
 * Actions
   - do not radically change the current approach
   - focus on missing features for the release
   - design/prototype/discuss specific UI decisions (not enough time to get into detais in this meeting)
   - discuss some preliminary implementation infrastructure for branch actions
   - gather "previous art" for commit from the other git GUIs

 * define blocker features for next release
 * Outcome:
   - commit - all agree it is a blocker
   - branch actions - some of them are important, but not all blockers
   - blame - not a blocker, but Techlive Zheng wants to take a look
   - search - not a blocker

 * investigate a minimal webpage, mallard based?
 * Reorganize wiki

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