The Wiki Plugin should be a plugin that allows us to edit in wiki syntax.

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already available

open questions

  • where to start?
  • What markup? We have MediaWiki (which seems to be the most used wiki because of Wikipedia), MoinWiki and many more.

  • Some markup is common in many wikis. Maybe we can make this switchable via prefs?
  • I have recently started using LaTeXPlugin with the preview window and built in rubber, this is useful, I have also developed my own wiki syntax (based on most common versions) for easy, structured note taking, this comes with a wiki2html converter I made, but without a preview window Gedit would just serve as syntax colouring for wiki-type text would it not? Maybe this should be another syntax definition instead (as noted above in already available)?

tag list

We start with MediaWiki Syntax:


= h1 =
== h2 h2 ==
=== h3 ===
=== h4 ===

Unnumbered lists

* unnumbered list
** second layer item
*** and so forth

numbered lists





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