Web Manager

We are thinking on creating a new application that will show all the packages stored in a web page. It will give you a way to download them into your system, so gedit will find them and been able to activate them. This system will be written in python and it will comunicate with gedit throught DBUS. At the beggining it will manage plugins but in a future we would like to manage snippets, lang schemes, color schemes, etc.

Server side

  • It will provide a way to create accounts and to upload their packages with some kind of version.
  • It will provide to the client and index of packages with the type of them (plugins, snippets, etc).
  • Write more things about this.

Client side

  • It will download the index file automatically and show in a list the next fields:
    • If the package is already installed.
    • The installed version
    • The server version
    • The name
    • Short description
    • Long description
  • It will have a backend to request things to the server:
    • index file
    • an specific package
    • etc
  • It will have a backend to manage the packages
    • uncompress them in the right location
  • It will be written in Python and it will comunicate the changes to gedit throught DBUS



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