Reporting gedit bugs

Before filing a new bug, please search GitLab to see if it has already been reported.

If you do find a bug that is not on GitLab, please make sure that:

  • You are using an up-to-date version of gedit. The last two stable versions are accepted. For example, if gedit 42 is the latest stable version, make sure that you use either the latest 42.x or the latest 41.x. To have a list of the available versions, see the source downloads.

  • And that you are only using the Adwaita GTK 3 theme (i.e. the default theme), because other GTK themes may not fully support gedit.

Common gedit bugs

See the list of common gedit bugs.

Reporting bugs

You need an account on (it's free).

In the bug report please include:

  • Information about your system. For instance:
    • What version of gedit
    • What operating system and version
    • What version of GTK, GLib and GNOME libraries
  • The steps to reproduce the bug.
  • If the bug was a crash, it's useful to have the text that was printed in the terminal after launching gedit.
  • Further information such as stack traces may be useful.

And anything else you think is relevant.

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