Note: the original author is not maintaining this plugin anymore. For gedit 3.x, see the "Source Code Browser" plugin instead.


The Python outline plugin provides a Python code outline side pane. As a picture says a thousand words,




  • Some shiny icons for imports, classes, functions, decorators and assigned names would be nice
  • The Python Outline has been in development for a long time. It successfully outlines the complete python stdlib in a standalone Python outliner application. The Gedit plugin glue code, however has been written in under an hour. It still needs some work, HC SVNT DRACONES!

  • Write "Known issues"...

Known issues

  • Todo :(

How to use this with the ms windows version of gedit?

The Windows version of gedit comes with it's own bundled copy of the Python 2.6 interpreter and an incomplete copy of the Python stdlib. So you'll need to copy the C:\Python26\Lib\compiler directory to C:\Program Files\gedit\bin\Lib\compiler to get things working...


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