gedit 4 - Project Phoenix

gedit 3 is now basically dead, nobody works on the code anymore, but still more or less works thanks to GTK+ 3 being now stable.

The Project Phoenix is to reborn gedit from its ashes.

To continue the project of making the gedit source code more re-usable.

Note that this is just a draft, a proposal, it's what I (SébastienWilmet) would do to contribute again to gedit, the project has not yet started. It's maybe easier to write a new text editor from scratch instead of doing this project.


  • Bump the major version to 4, and making it parallel-installable with gedit 3. If people don't like gedit 4, they can still use gedit 3. On first run of gedit 4, show a warning explaining that a lot of plugins are no longer compatible (see below).
  • Plugins:
    • In the main git repo, remove all Python plugins, code written in Python is unmaintainable.
    • Keep only the plugins that I care about, and move them to the main git repo: spell-checking, draw-spaces and word-completion.
    • In the directory names that gedit looks at for loading plugins, have the API version, for example gedit-4.0/, gedit-4.2/, etc. To be able to only view/load plugins that are compatible.

    • The gedit-plugins repo can be maintained in a best-effort basis by other developers, and can contain the plugins that were removed from the main repo.
  • The build system is currently in an horrible state, port to Meson.
  • Nuke ViewCentering from orbit and other things that I dislike.

  • Continue to make the code more re-usable and develop Tepl.
  • Bring back the traditional menubar + toolbar (ideally with an option to choose between the new UI and the old UI).
  • Longer-term, add plugin system to Tepl, to have Tepl plugins, not gedit plugins.
  • Wait external contributions to port other plugins, and when there is a sufficient number of plugins, tell users to use gedit 4.

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