Better Python Console Walkthrough

These screenshots walk through some of the features of the Better Python Console.

Activating the plugin

When you first install the plugin, you need to activate it. Start by going to the Edit menu, then click on 'Preferences', then click on the 'Plugins' tab. Lastly you need to tick the box for 'Better Python Console'.


Basic Usage

When you want to run your Python file, then go to the 'Tools' menu, then click on 'Run Module', as in the picture below. As you can see, a quicker way is to hit the F5 key.


Gedit now passes your module to a Python subprocess, which in turn opens a window with the results. When your program is finished, you can interact with the current session. See the window below:

basic-usage-small.png View full size

Advanced Usage

The following image shows a program that uses the TKinter graphical toolkit.

tk-application2-small.png View full size

The next image shows a program using the PyGTK graphical toolkit.

pygtx-example-small.png View full size

I ran a PyGTK RSS reader called Straw through my Applications Menu and it did not work properly. Why? Well one way to find out is to open it within Gedit and execute it. While the program runs, any errors are written to the console window.

debugging-small.png View full size

Here we have three consoles, each one running a different PyQT example widget: a clock, a set of range controls, and a set of spinning gears.

pyqt-small.png View full size

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