Better Python Console Plugin for Gedit

The Better Python Console Plugin aims to provide a simple IDLE-like Python console for the Gnome Editor. Unlike IDLE, you can open as many consoles as you need. The walkthrough shows some screenshots of how this works.

The Python Console plugin distributed by default with gedit is primarily designed to help you access the gedit API, for example, to write gedit plugins or to run a Python command on a document. However, if you attempt to develop a Python program of any complexity then you will find yourself crashing gedit very quickly indeed.

This plugin takes a different approach, instead of providing access to the gedit API, it keeps away from it as far as possible, reducing the risk to the running editor. It aims to follow the approach of the IDLE interpreter - the Console Window runs as a separate process. A small (minute) performance penalty is better than watching gedit lockup and lose your work.

Latest Version

For Gedit 3.14+:

For Gedit 3.0 - 3,12:

For Gedit 2.x:

Included features

  • As many consoles as you want.
  • Separated from Gedit, a bug in your module should never bring down the main editor itself.
  • Paste in commands with Ctrl-V
  • Supports PyGTK, TKinter and PyQT.
    • Please log bugs if one of these does not work out (compared to standard commandline console).
  • Font size and style follows gedit's setting.

Possible future features

  • Better mouse support (highlight, right click etc)
  • Support more exotic graphical toolkits - PyGame, SDL, WxPython

  • Support dark backgrounds
  • (record your idea above this line)

For more notes about possible future development, read here.


Zeth Green

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