Gedit/Plugin API Wish List

Missing features

* Add a drop-down box in the toolbar that has the names of all the files currently open. Allow the user to select one of the names and have the main pane display the contents of that file. Use case: when more files are open than there is room for tabs, it is a pain to scroll back and forth looking for a particular open file. It would be nice to have a drop down box so that one could easily jump to an open file whose tab is currently not visible.

* Gedit Profiles- like one would find in gnome-terminal. Many people use gedit for lots of different things, programming, basic text editing, LATEX, etc. It would be nice to be able to open gedit with a command-line option so that all options and plugins are set up for a given task. I.e. right now, if I use gedit for text editing, and then want to use it for programming, I have to go activate the embedded terminal, activate the browser side-pane, turn on line-numbers, and drag the window dividers to where I like them. This could all be stored in a profile.

* I'm really happy with the plugin architecture but there is one thing that needs to be addressed: multi-threaded code in python plugins shouldn't block gedit. I'm not a good C hacker but I'm pretty sure this is a simple task. Thanks in advance ;) MichaelZeising

* Ruby on Rails syntax highlighting. (this includes .rhtml)

* Hooks for file loading, so that a plugin can be triggered by a specific file type being opened; I would call this mode-ification, so that particular settings, plugins, key shortcuts, would be available only in tab with particular mimetype.

* Allowing to add toolbars in a non-hacky way

* Simple functions for loading and saving files.

* An in-text dropdown API so the assorted code completion attempts can focus on code parsing and have a uniform UI.

* Something like a bookmark utility for quickly jumping between different sections of longer files (this would be especially useful in long .tex files).

* Indentation guides (see Geany)

* Collapsing structures/sections (see Geany) - implemented with gedit-folding plugin

* Hilighting a word hilights all instances of that word - implemented with gedit-hilight plugin

* User configurable syntax formatting (color, font, etc.)

* Support for TextMate bundles.

* Named instances (ie: nedit's '-svrname' option) to open a file in a specific gedit instance from the command line.

* Split screen file editing like in nedit.

* Ctrl+Tab switch between open documents

* When given a directory instead of a file, display the file browser side pane at that location rather than displaying an error message.

* Add plugin development in Ruby.

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