Using this plugin Gedit provides some very basic project management features. The plugin exposes a sidepane to the user where all project related files can be viewed, added, removed and if double clicked, they are opened using the default application (if they are textfiles a new gedit tab will be opened). The icon for each file matches its mime/type, and when double clicked the folders can be opened and displayed in the tree view.

The project management plugin also provides some basic features for source code management (or revision control). Right now it has backends for CVS and SVN, but new versioning systems can be easily added in the future. The project management tool provides an interface to perform the basic operations of versioning systems, such as project import/checkout and adding or removing files from the repository (among others).

Using Project Management

Install the plugin. Go to Edit->Preferences->Plugins and enable the Project Management plugin (for the best experience also install and enable the newest External Tools plugin).


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