gedit - misc TODO list

General maintenance work to do:

  • Doing releases.
  • Fix compilation warnings.
  • Fix run-time warnings.
  • Review patches.
  • Bug triaging.
  • Updating the documentation.
  • Code refactoring.
  • Maintaining the Flatpak manifest.
  • Check from time to time memory leaks, use Coverity Scan, ...
  • Etc.

Some ideas of other things to do:

  • Trivial: use g_utf8_make_valid() instead of gedit_utils_make_valid_utf8().

  • File browser plugin: the icons are ugly all in black. The icons should either be gray like in gnome-builder, or come back to the normal icons in colour.
  • Whitespace drawing plugin: port to GtkSourceSpaceDrawer. Example of new settings UI: Projects/GtkSourceView/SpaceDrawing

  • Spell-checking plugin: default settings for new documents (whether to enable spell-checking, and the default language). 141478 and 308324

  • Use TeplInfoBar for all info bars in gedit.

  • Don't use X11-related APIs, have full Wayland support (there was a bug about it with patches).
  • If gedit in Flatpak doesn't work well, fix problems.

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