gedit-markdown adds support for Markdown for the current user: syntax highlighting, snippets, external tool, optional color scheme and HTML preview (using WebKit) in the side panel or the bottom panel. The preview panel tab can also be used as a Web browser. It's shipped with an installer for GNU/Linux.

More details and download:


This is section is obsolete and is available for reference purposes.

Syntax Coloring & Snippets (Ulrik Sverdrup's version)

A simple Markdown syntax definition and snippets file are available.

Download the two files, put the .lang file in ~/.gnome2/gtksourceview-1.0/language-specs/ and the .xml file in ~/.gnome2/gedit/snippets/.

Markdown Preview plugin

The Markdown Preview plugin adds a gtkhtml widget with a rendering preview embedded in gedit's bottom panel. Download the attached files, put them in ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins, restart gedit and activate the plugin.

The plugin will add a Tools -> Markdown Preview menu item: write some Markdown formatted text, press <Control><Shift>M and an HTML rendered version will be displayed in gedit's bottom panel.

Hit the shortcut any time you want to update the preview, there's no need to save the document. If you select a portion of text, only that will be rendered.


  • Support textile and maybe other simple formatting languages
  • Live preview when document changes
  • Automatically open the bottom panel when needed


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