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Version, December 18, 2007

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  • fixed image builder
  • fixed completion of newcommands

Version History


  • open built document even after errors occured
  • fixed wrong auto-closing
  • escape all messages coming from compiling backends to avoid markup parsing errors
  • improved BibTeX parser
  • fixed exception when manually changing language features
  • fixed exception in completion
  • always ask for master file to build when in doubt
  • extended LaTeX command definition (thanks to Marciano)
  • support for not-floating tabulars and figures
  • show the build view on errors if it's hidden
  • "Insert BibTeX Entry" dialog
  • some refactoring and clean-up
  • "Insert Listing" dialog for inserting source code listings


  • added support for system-wide installation
  • fixed the processor for the output of the latex command (builder.LatexProcessor)

  • made it clearer whether a job succeeded or failed
  • fixed annoying behaviour of the code completion when there is only one proposal
  • fixed deactivation of the plugin
  • display "from-to" in line column for multi-line errors
  • "relativize" image filename in "Insert Graphics" dialog
  • update the document model more frequently
  • added another highlight color for warnings
  • drag'n drop of snippets
  • highlight errors/warnings in the right document when building multi-file projects
  • improved startup time a bit by:
    • loading symbols on demand
    • building the console view on demand
  • fixed AttributeError in SnippetDialog with gtksourceview2

  • fixed parsing of "slave" documents (w/o preamble)
  • correctly remembering toolbar state
  • fixed parsing of BibTeX files when the key contains ":"
  • outline support for BibTeX files
  • optionally auto-hide the toolbar
  • fixed annoying completion at "\\"
  • if the document is a slave:
    • try to find its master in the slave's directory - if this doesn't help...
    • ask the user and store his choice in a metadata file (if the document is "doc.tex" then this
      • file is called ".doc.tex.meta.xml")


  • implemented auto closing of environment commands, it now tries to close when:
    • "}" is typed
    • a proposed environment is selected at the code completion of "\begin"
  • improved/fixed the "Insert Graphics" wizard:
    • rotating
    • reflecting
    • label
    • new dialog layout
    • free resizing without keeping the aspect ratio
  • improved the "Insert Tabular Object" wizard:
    • preview
    • floating
  • support for chktex: added the build profile "Syntax Check" which invokes chktex and highlights errors
  • support for multi-line errors from rubber
  • console view now scrolls on output
  • correctly set the number of digits for all SpinButtons connected to a UnitComboBox

  • stop completion on focus-out-event
  • improved positioning of the completion popup
  • always expand the outline tree until we're able to restore the tree's state after parsing
  • force toolbar style TOOLBAR_BOTH_HORIZ
  • fixed toolbar icon for new build profiles
  • preserve the expander state of the symbol groups
  • support for gedit 2.19.x / gtksourceview2 (for the moment; the API changes very often)


  • improved auto completion:
    • separate proposal of commands and argument choices
    • immediate trigger per Ctrl+Space, delayed trigger at "\", "{" etc.
    • required packages are automatically inserted when the command is selected (e.g. \mathbb needs amssymb)
    • additional hint popup describing the current argument
    • special commands with intelligent argument choices: \include, \input, \includegraphics, \end,
      • \[no]cite, \bibliography
  • parse files that are referenced by \bibliography and propose their entries at the \cite command
  • DVI inverse search is back: there's a special build profile for building a DVI with source specials enabled. The output
    • is opened in xdvi. If you hold <Ctrl> and left-click in xdvi then gedit jumps to the according LaTeX source.

  • the Builder doesn't block the gui anymore
  • don't parse commented out source anymore
  • made the command column in the profile dialog editable
  • we now respect the real encoding of the document
  • save and use the accelerator in the profile dialog
  • surround filenames by quotes in the default build profiles
  • better workaround when gtksourceview is not available
  • fixed exception in QuickstartDialog


  • feature: rewrote the build system: build view in the bottom panel, no static profiles, working accelerators etc.
  • feature: finally some entries in the menubar with keyboard shortcuts
  • feature: new configuration backend using XML files instead of GConf (settings are migrated on first start)
  • feature: icons in the structure view
  • bugfix: fixed some bugs in the unit conversion
  • bugfix: sometimes you had to restart gedit after loading the plugin, this is fixed
  • bugfix: fixed some strange behaviour in image export


  • bugfix: when gtksourceview2 is installed then gtksourceview can not be imported anymore - don't crash in this case


  • bugfix: "Runnning" only has two n's ;-)

  • bugfix: \eqref now triggers auto-complete for references
  • bugfix: pressing enter in an entry now always activates the dialog's default action
  • bugfix: fixed status messages
  • bugfix: fixed an exception in "New LaTeX Document" dialog
  • bugfix: changed compile hotkey to F8 because F7 is reserved for spell check


  • feature: changed compile hotkey to F7 because of strange problems with F6
  • feature: size and position of the autocomplete popup can be configured (due to problems with composite extension stuff)
  • feature: added tooltips to the toolbar
  • feature: switched to XML for autocomplete definitions
  • feature: implemented "Custom Build Profiles"
  • feature: shell output can be viewed after compile errors
  • feature: switch tabs according to error messages selected
  • feature: better layout of the symbol map
  • feature: page margins and paragraph indentation can now be configured in "New LaTeX Document"
  • feature: font size can be set in the toolbar
  • feature: text adjustment can be set in the toolbar
  • feature: added optional PDF metadata to the "New LaTeX Document" dialog (thanks Edward Duffy)
  • feature: simplified the "macros" stuff and made them to "snippets"
  • bugfix: fixed the document parser so that clicking on a structure element jumps to right source again (thanks AdamSchreiber)

  • bugfix: fixed the \begin{document}-bug: auto completion now doesn't need a \begin{document} anymore


  • bugfix: fixed off-by-one in "Comment"/"Uncomment" functions
  • bugfix: don't crash on missing D-BUS bindings
  • feature: display \includegraphicS in the structure tree
  • feature: added some symbols


  • bugfix: fixed a typo in "New LaTeX Document" dialog that crashed it when the user's locale was unknown (thanks Frederic Brize)
  • feature: added some symbols


  • bugfix: fixed the DVI forward search ("Find selection in DVI")
  • bugfix: fixed scale factors for figures (thanks AdamSchreiber)

  • bugfix: fixed auto-closing for {xyz*}-environments
  • bugfix: the autocomplete window now appears below the current line
  • feature: enabled import of ASCII tables in the "Insert Tabular Object" dialog


  • bugfix: typo: environment recognition forgot some math environments (thanks AdamSchreiber)

  • bugfix: auto-closing can now really be switched off
  • bugfix: again, a lot of code clean-up
  • feature: improved the "Include Graphics" dialog and the LaTeX resulting from it (thanks AdamSchreiber)

  • feature: newcommands can now be edited and deleted


  • bugfix: auto-closing caused gedit to crash in some cases
  • bugfix: fixed the dropdown buttons in the toolbar (their initial icon disappeared when starting a second gedit instance)
  • feature: improved the table dialog
  • feature: did some code clean-up, saving resources and improving start-up time a bit
  • feature: using the default gettext dictionary until the plugin is translated


  • feature: also recognize \bibitemS
  • feature: introducing a dynamic text completion:
    • \labelS in the document or its master are provided as \ref{LABEL}
    • \bibitemS are provided as \cite{KEY}
    • the suggested commands change according to the included packages
    • \newcommandS in the document or its master are also suggested
  • feature: improved the document parser
  • feature: when a structure element, label or newcommand is clicked on, the according source is selected instead of just jumping to the line
  • feature: save an unsaved document before compiling it (unnamed files are still compiled from a temporary file)
  • feature: added some new symbols to "Common Symbols"
  • feature: "Common Symbols" are now displayed on a single page
  • bugfix: fixed the "Jump to definition" context menu entry in "New Commands"
  • bugfix: fixed TypeError in the Backend


  • bugfix: fixed unloading the plugin (thanks AdamSchreiber)

  • bugfix: fixed rendering to image
  • bugfix: more stability fixes to the "Compile" dialog


  • bugfix: pressing "Enter" in one of the text entries of the "New LaTeX Document" dialog now activates the "OK" button
  • bugfix: Backend still caused "Compile" dialog to hang, when rubber provided no error


  • bugfix: Backend caused "Compile" dialog to hang, when rubber provided no error or when using rubber 1.0.x
  • bugfix: enable preview of newcommands with references
  • bugfix: hiding the progress bar in "Compile" if there's only one step to do
  • feature: inverse depency tracking: find and compile the document that includes the current one
  • feature: show filenames in "Compile" dialog, when errors occured
  • feature: using rubber's cache system to speed up subsequent compilations (configurable)
  • feature: jump to the line that an error occured in automatically or per click in the errors list


  • bugfix: prevent the QuickstartDialog from crashing when people don't have beamer installed


  • bugfix: popup a message if rubber is not installed
  • bugfix: rendered images are now opened with the default gnome document handler (thanks AdamSchreiber)


  • feature: added support for references in newcommands (argument is automatically determined)
  • bugfix: added "Tools" > "Compile LaTeX to" > "Image..." menu entry

  • feature: improved QuickstartDialog:

    • reasonable defaults for author and date (thanks PetarVasic)

    • added beamer theme selection
    • added font size selection
    • using templates for the different document classes
    • further look'n'feel improvements
  • bugfix: improved memory usage, now dialogs are loaded faster after they've been loaded once
  • feature: introducing a new LaTeX backend using Emmanuel Beffara's rubber (thanks Gwilym T. Still)
  • feature: improved "Add Macro"/"Edit Macro"/"Add New Command" dialog:
    • you can now define packages required by a macro
    • smarter preview
    • further look'n'feel improvements


  • feature: documents can now be rendered to a PNG, JPEG or GIF image
  • feature: added "(Un-)comment" menu entries
  • feature: improved startup time a bit
  • bugfix: replaced obsolete "eqnarray" environment by "align" from amsmath (thanks AdamSchreiber)


  • feature: created a PreviewArea: it uses latex, dvips and Johan Vromans's eps2png to quickly render a LaTeX preview.

  • feature: added this area to the macro dialogs, a kind of popup preview will follow...
  • feature: fixed and improved the TableDialog

  • feature: the "Compile" tool button now remembers the last selected format
  • bugfix: fixed annoying behaviour of the toolbar's environment recognition
  • bugfix: always force the icons-only-style for the toolbar to save space
  • bugfix: the document structure stumbled on some unescaped characters
  • bugfix: it is now ensured that the compiling log file is recent
  • bugfix: finally made PostScript export work


  • bugfix: fixed macro insertion
  • bugfix: fixed the headline toolbutton


  • feature: using a custom MenuToolButton (SmartMenuToolButton) in the toolbar that remembers the last selected item

  • feature: added typeface selection
  • feature: added accent selection
  • bugfix: the document jumps to a line selected in the structure again
  • bugfix: enabled DVI search in unsaved (temporary) documents
  • bugfix: improved cleanup procedure for temporary files
  • feature: improved the compile dialog
  • bugfix: fixed and improved the "Add new command" and "Add macro" dialogs (thanks AdamSchreiber)

  • bugfix: fixed babel package guessing in "New LaTeX document" dialog (thanks PetarVasic)

  • bugfix: fixed wrong markup settings in the document structure (thanks AdamSchreiber)

  • feature: added a config dialog
  • feature: added basic support for tables/matrices


  • feature: added a menu entry to show/hide the toolbar
  • feature: added a compile button to the toolbar
  • feature: separated the labels from the document structure
  • feature: if the compiling exits with errors but an output is written though, it is also opened for viewing
  • bugfix: some bugfixes regarding the plugin structure


  • bugfix: fixed math mode recognition
  • feature: improved macro insertion (focus grabbing, indentation)
  • feature: support for graphics insert
  • feature: support for user-defined macros
  • feature: support for embedded user-defined macros (\newcommand)
  • feature: extended the toolbar by some common commands
  • feature: improved GConf backend
  • feature: added built-in macros


  • feature: merged Marcianos D-BUS code:
    • forward search: select some LaTeX source in Gedit and find the respective section in xdvi via "Find selection in DVI"
    • reverse search: click on a spot in xdvi and Gedit jumps to the respective line
  • feature: improved integration of the menu entries and the toolbar
  • feature: improved the compiler backend and disposed the bottom panel
  • feature: LaTeX compiling can now be interrupted
  • feature: changing between general and math environment is automatically recognized and the toolbar adopts respectively
  • feature: the document structure can now be refreshed manually
  • feature: added GConf support
  • feature: added built-in macros to the side panel (user defined macros will follow)
  • feature: the compiling backend doesn't need a saved and local file anymore, it just creates a temporary one


  • bugfix: GtkTreeStore.set_default_sort_func(None) in Structure.init() leads to a TypeError for some users.

  • bugfix: Structure.onRowActivated() scrolls to the chosen line before calling GeditDocument.goto_line().

  • feature: QuickstartDialog now enables highlighting.

  • feature: packages are now included as required by the particular LaTeX command. Removed initial package selection from QuickstartDialog.

  • feature: Structure now supports LaTeX labels.
  • feature: added a new "s"-page (structuring) to the Toolbar.
  • feature: make insertion of tags a bit more intelligent: selected text will now be surrounded by "\begin...\end" style tags

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