This plugin provides advanced text editing capabilities for gedit. Also see Apps/Gedit/LineToolsPlugin.

Current Features

As of now this plugin provides the following functions:

  • 'Delete To End Of Line'
  • 'Kill Line'
  • 'Duplicate Line'
  • 'Remove Whitespace'
  • 'Reduce Whitespace'

Using this plugin


Download both files and place them into ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins. If the plugins directory does not exist, create it: mkdir -p ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins. Activate the plugin via Edit->Preferences->Choose Plugin Tab.

Possible features

  • 'Unkill line(s)' would be useful. Something akin to the ctrl-k / ctrl-u functionality in nano.
  • add your requests
  • transpose lines (switches current line with either previous or following line)
    • more generally move line(s) up/down. Done such that ctrl+up/down moves line or selection up/down by one line pushing lines in the way to the other side of the line/selection (a la eclipse)
  • copy line (copies current line to clipboard)
  • copy to end of line (copies current line to clipboard starting from the cursor position)
  • cut line (copies current line to clipboard and then "kills" it)
  • cut to end of line (copies current line to clipboard starting from the cursor position and then deletes to end of line)
  • paste line (inserts clipboard text on a new line for use with previous methods)
  • paste to end of line (inserts clipboard text at the end of the current line followed by a line break)
  • change line endings CR, LF, CRLF

Problems to be fixed

  • add your problems
  • might I suggest this needs a more descriptive name .... lots of features count as 'advanced' ;)

  • suggestion: LineToolsPlugin



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