gedit is a general-purpose text editor.

The first goal of gedit is to be easy to use, with a simple interface by default. More advanced features are available by enabling plugins.


You can fund the gedit project on Liberapay:


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Notable Features

  • Files are opened in tabs
  • Full support for internationalized text (UTF-8)
  • Syntax highlighting for lots of languages (Python, Shell, C, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Markdown and many others)

  • Configurable fonts and colors
  • Print and print preview support
  • Search and replace with support of regular expressions
  • A side panel with an integrated file browser
  • Spell-checking
  • Word auto-completion
  • Undo/Redo
  • Auto indentation
  • Text wrapping
  • Line numbers
  • Right margin
  • Highlight current line
  • Highlight matching brackets
  • Editing files from remote locations
  • Backup files
  • A flexible plugin system which can be used to dynamically add new advanced features
  • List of plugins distributed with gedit


On Linux

You can install the gedit and gedit-plugins packages.

On macOS

  • macOS packages (a bit outdated)

  • A Homebrew formula for the latest version of gedit is available: brew install gedit

On Windows

The current way to install gedit on Microsoft Windows is with MSYS2.

Getting in Touch

General communication:

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