Geary Test Checklist

Broken up by functional area.

TODO: break this down into a numbered list of steps to perform in order.


  1. Create account via welcome screen
  2. Create subsequent account via accounts dialog
  3. Delete account via accounts dialog
  4. Edit account via accounts dialog
  5. Create account with wrong credentials
  6. Edit account to have wrong credentials
  7. Create account without passwords remembered
  8. Create account with "no auth" SMTP
  9. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, & "generic" (TODO: describe what needs specific testing in each)

Things to watch:

  • Obvious succeess where expected
  • Obvious failure where expected
  • Password prompts where expected
  • Accounts show up in and disappear from all views
  • Changes are immediately reflected in all views


  1. "New Message" -> compose & send test message

  2. "New Message" -> switch From account, compose & send test message

  3. "Reply" -> compose & send test message

  4. "Reply All" -> compose & send test message

  5. "Forward" -> compose & send test message

  6. Compose & send test message with attachment

  7. Forward a message with an attachment
  8. Enter on to:, cc:, bcc: line name with non-ASCII characters (i.e. "Jürg")
  9. Enter in editing field non-ASCII characters
  10. Use formatting. Switch from Rich Text to Plain Text back to Rich Text

Things to watch:

  • From account is correct
  • To, Cc, and Bcc addresses are correct
  • Received test messages appear correct
  • Correct message shows up in quotes for replies
  • Attachments are correct

Conversation Operations


  1. With one conversation selected:
    1. Mark as read & unread

    2. Star & unstar

    3. Mark as spam & not spam

    4. Add label
    5. Move
    6. Archive & delete

  2. Repeat above with multiple conversations selected
  3. Do the above in search folder, inbox, outbox, all mail, sent, and labels

Conversation List:

  1. Star & Unstar

  2. Drag & drop conversation (s) to move

    1. But only inside one account
  3. Do the above in search folder, inbox, outbox, all mail, sent, and labels

Things to watch:

  • Messages get labeled/moved/marked correctly (verify in another client)
  • Operation affects appropriate message (s) in conversation
  • Archive/delete button available as appropriate

Conversation Viewer

  1. Single-click attachment
  2. Right-click attachment -> save

  3. Right-click attachment -> save all (requires multiple attachments)

  4. Star & unstar (on any message before last in conversation)

  5. Dropdown menu -> Reply, Reply All, & Forward (on any message before last in conversation)

  6. Dropdown menu -> Mark as Read & Unread (on any message before last in conversation)

  7. Dropdown menu -> Print

  8. Dropdown menu -> View Source

  9. Scrolling messages into view marks as read

Things to watch:

  • Operation only affects single message


  1. Receive one message -> notification bubble with info

  2. Receive multiple messages -> notification bubble with count

  3. Receive message -> unity dock count

  4. Receive message -> message menu count

  5. All notifications cleared when inbox selected

Things to watch:

  • See ../StatusAndNotifications for when notifications should and should not fire and be cleared

  • Make sure multiple accounts are properly handled
  • Inboxes indicate new messages where appropriate

Search & Find

  1. Do Ctrl+F find
  2. Search
  3. Search, then Ctrl+F find inside results
  4. Search for gibberish, make sure results empty
  5. Keyboard shortcut to jump to, clear search
  6. Search for attachment filenames and contact names
  7. Search from multiple accounts

Things to watch:

  • Results match gmail's, approximately
  • No messages that don't match, keeping in mind the stemming algorithm


  1. Drafts saved as you type
  2. Discard -> deletes draft

  3. Send -> deletes draft

Things to watch:

  • Changing any field including From (except when all other fields empty) triggers a re-save

Attachments/Inline Images

  1. Send images as inline (from gmail):
    • Image between text bodies
    • Before text body
    • After text body
    • No text body
  2. Send different attachment types as both inline and attachment (from apple mail):
    • mp3
    • wav
    • pdf
    • images
    • text files

Things to watch:

  • All text parts show up in Geary
  • All text parts show up in search results
  • All attachment filenames show up in search results

Unread Count

  1. Increment when mail arrives
  2. Decrement when read
  3. Increment when marked unread
  4. Decrement when marked read

Things to watch:

  • Count changes across all folders a message is in


  1. Check & uncheck every preference, basic use in each case

  2. Verify keyboard shortcuts
  3. Test upgrading from an older version of Geary with a non-empty database

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