Reporting A Geary Bug

Geary uses Bugzilla, GNOME's bug tracker, to track bugs and new feature requests. If you have found a bug or want to request a new feature, here's how to do it:

  1. Search for the bug, in case it has already been reported

  2. If not found, file a new report in Bugzilla

  3. For crashes, get a stack trace and add it to the bug report

Note: you will be asked to register with Bugzilla in order to file a new bug or subscribe to existing bugs.

Look in the FAQ and search through the list of Geary bugs in Bugzilla. Try searching with similar words and partial prefixes. For example, if the bug is about attaching files, search for "attach" instead of "attaching" or "attachments".

If the bug has already been reported, you can add yourself to the CC list to get notified when it has been fixed.


The most direct way to report a bug to the Geary developers is by filing a bug under the Geary product in Bugzilla. Whenever you report a Geary bug, please include the following information:

  • What version of Geary are you running?
  • What operating system version are you running?
  • Are you able to make the bug happen repeatedly? If so, what sequence of actions causes it to occur?

To report the bug, use the New Bug form.

If you do not wish to register with Buzilla, send your report to the mailing list instead.

Stack Trace

If the bug is a crash or a hang and is repeatable, please perform the following steps to generate a backtrace:

Install debug symbols for GLib and GTK+ if possible. On Ubuntu, you can do this by installing the libglib2.0-0-dbg and libgtk2.0-0-dbg packages. On Fedora run: sudo dnf debuginfo-install glib2 gtk3.

Run Geary under GDB:

$ gdb --args geary --debug 2>&1 | tee geary.gdb

At the (gdb) prompt, enter the following two commands:

handle SIGUSR1 noprint

Make the crash happen or in the case of a hang, press Ctrl-C to return to the GDB console.

In GDB, generate a backtrace by entering the following command:

backtrace full

This will print out a stack trace, you can then type quit to exit GDB and close Geary.

Please examine the geary.gdb file for private information. You may discover email addresses, folder names, etc. that you do not want to share. Remember, your bug report is public to the world, including this file. Please redact or edit the geary.gdb file before posting it.

Once ready, be sure to attach the geary.gdb file to the bug report you file.

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