Geary Release Planning

Less like release planning, more like release stream-of-consciousness.


Late 2017


Early 2018

  • Priorities:
    • UX refresh
    • Server compat (GMail OAuth support, other server-specific issues)
    • Desktop integration (Folks, GOA, etc)
  • Library requirements:
    • GTK+ 3.22
    • WebKitGTK 2.16 / 2.18 depending on backports
    • Vala: 0.34 / 0.36 depending on backports
  • Targetted Bugs


Late 2018

  • Priorities:
    • GPG Encryption support?
  • Library requirements set to GNOME's stable release at the time, although check what Ubuntu LTS-next is planning
  • Targetted Bugs


Early 2019

  • Priorities:
    • Plugin support?
  • Library requirements set to GNOME's stable release at the time, although check what Ubuntu LTS-next is planning
  • Targetted Bugs

LTS Support

[tl;dr: Keep previous versions around for one or two releases as Geary LTS untll 2019, migrate to Flatpak to allow LTS distro users to get updates in glorious future]

Historically, Geary has supported not only people running bleeding-edge, or at least up-to-date distros, but also users on long-term-support distros such as Debian stable, Ubuntu LTS, and OpenSUSE Evergreen. The approaches used for this have been to keep the minimum required library versions very low (e.g. GTK+ 3.10 up until recently), and to branch a "stable" release and keep maintaining point releases on that (e.g. the 0.6 series).

Both of these approaches have problems however: The former restricts development, and the latter is a large maintenance burden. Happily Flatpak, once it is widely supported, offers a better solution than either: People can simply update their runtime and new versions of Geary as they are published.

Flatpak 0.8 has been declared stable, and has made it into both Debian stable and Ubuntu >= Zesty (but not Xenial LTS), so when they release their LTS versions, we can rely on people have access to a stable Flatpak runtime as a means of installing Geary updates. Note we need also need to check xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-portal-gtk for needed functionality.

  • Debian 9 has been released June 2017
  • Ubuntu Zesty was released April 2017
  • Ubuntu LTS-next due April 2018

At the moment, the current Geary stable series is 0.11. This supports both current Debian 8 (stable) and Ubuntu Trusty LTS. Geary 0.12 will support Debian 8+bpo and Ubuntu Xenial LTS.

So the proposed plan going forward is:

1. Release 0.12 in late 2017:

  • Installable on Debian 8+bpo, Ubuntu Xenial
  • Retain 0.11 as the LTS version, installable on Ubuntu Trusty
  • Start providing Flatpak as a means for installing Geary
  • Spare a quiet moment after Ubuntu Precise LTS is finally fully EOL'ed in April.

2. Release 0.13 in early 2018:

  • Installable on Debian 9 natively, Xenial via Flatpak
  • Retain 0.12 as the LTS version for Xenial, losing support for Trusty - HWE EOL'ed in 2016 already, full EOL April 2019

3. Release 0.14 in late 2018:

  • Installable on Debian 9 via Flatpak, Ubuntu LTS-next natively (maybe?) or via Flatpak
  • Retain 0.12 as the LTS for Xenial

4. Release 0.15 in early 2019:

  • Installable everywhere via Flatpak except Xenial
  • Retain 0.12 as the LTS for Xenial?

5. Release 0.16 in late 2019:

  • Drop Geary LTS altogether, losing support for Xenial - HWE EOL'ed in 2018 already, full EOL April 2021
  • Bask in the glorious future

Please note: Plan subject to maintainership. All care taken, no guarantee given.

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