Installing Geary

Installing Geary from Flathub will ensure you are always running the latest version. Make sure to follow the Flatpak setup guide before installing.

The current version of Geary is 3.34.0

Using GNOME Software

If your computer came with the Software app pre-installed, simply launch that, search for Geary, and click Install.

Using a package manager

Most Linux and BSD distributions provide packaged versions of Geary, ready to install. Launch your computer's usual software manager app or package manager and search for Geary there. Consult your computer's online documentation for further help installing packages on your computer.

For Ubuntu and Debian based distributions, try running the following from a terminal window:

  • sudo apt install geary

And for Fedora:

  • sudo dnf install geary

Note: Distributions with time-based or long-term-support releases may have out-of-date versions of Geary. To make sure you have the current version of Geary, install from Flathub instead or try an advanced method below.

Advanced Installation

Advanced installation methods require some technical knowledge. If you get stuck, ask for help on IRC or the mailing list.

Nightly Flatpak builds

You can install a nightly build of the latest development version of Geary by running this command:

flatpak install

This will install in parallel to the stable release versions, so you can run both at the same time.

Installation from Source

To install Geary from source code, you can download release tarballs, or clone and build the latest development code from Git:

See the INSTALL file in the source tree for source installation instructions.

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