Geary Development

Interested in contributing code to Geary? Here's some tips to get you started.

  1. If you are new to GNOME, read through the GNOME Newcomers guide.

  2. If you're new to Geary, consider starting with Newcomer bugs or looking for a "small" task to start with. Smaller tickets allow for you to get your toolchain set up and to familiarize yourself with the code base without the pressure of trying to change or add too much.

  3. Geary is written in the Vala programming language, have a look at the Vala Tutorial if you are not familiar with it. Be sure to read Geary's coding conventions

  4. The mailing list is a place for discussion and where many of our users report bugs and request new features. Please subscribe and get active! IRC is also used for real time discussion.

Note: Geary is not currently buildable from JHBuild due to the current WebKit1 dependency, but this will hopefully be re-enabled in the future.


More information

Technical and architectural highlights include:

  • Written in 100% Vala

  • Built atop a new fully-asynchronous GObject-based IMAP client library
  • Uses a sparse SQLite database for full caching of email and FTS (full text search) indexing
  • Slim and economical user interface design

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