GarageJam Music Recording Studio Software for GNOME 45

GarageJam is Free Software in development for musicians who want to compose, record and share original music to the Internet from the GNOME Desktop.

It supports immediate audio recording in compressed Ogg encoded audio files stored in the $HOME/Music directory with XSPF 1.0 playlist from the line input on a computer or remote audio cards through USB connection through PipeWire with GStreamer with meta indexing on Gingerblue Music Studio Recording API.

GarageJam 2.0.0 runs on GNOME 45 and records in Ogg Vorbis, currently 16-bit, 80kbps, 44.1kHz in Mono with built-in sound card and 16-bit, 112kbps, 48kHz with Focusrite 2i2 Scarlett in Stereo.

The latest GarageJam 2.0.0 release (Stable Release) with Ogg Vorbis is available from

Download GarageJam 2.0.0 for GNOME 45

Record Audio

Record and index Ogg Vorbis file in the Music/GNOME.xspf playlist

Play Audio

Play and listen to audio recordings from the Music/GNOME.xspf window

Design Philosophy

C, Cairo, GStreamer, GTK+

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