Views are searches, saved in a internal format for quick retrieval


Searches are search (from parameters that are saved between instances of [gtg] and re-filter the search tree when the

At this point (version 2.9 of gtg), it's still not certain if views are better implemented as different views of the task tree (avoiding re-filtering of the search tree). As for now, search tree view is always re-filtered when calling the view.

how are views stored

only the name of the view and the parameters to give the search filter are necessary. Even the name can change between instances of the gtg, as long has it doesn't exist already.

views are stored in the config file of gtg. A better implementation would be a XML file containing the necessary data

between instances

when started, gtg checks the config file for saved views and appends the necessary nodes to tag tree. This is all done on


After input on the quickadd Entry, if a search is valid (has no syntax errors), a popup action appears that gives the user the option to save that search as a view. That view

Views are then given a name by the user (each name has to be unique, gtg ensures of this by numerating the name case it already exists) and added as child nodes of the search node (named... search) on the tag tree.

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