The plug-in framework.

  • The plug-in framework is divided into three parts:
    • The Plug-in Manager that handles the GUI for the plug-ins. In the plug-in manager the users can see the available plug-ins, their description and enable/disable plug-ins.
    • The Plug-in Engine. This part handles the plug-in load, activation and deactivation, etc.
    • The Plug-in API. This part of the framework consists on a group of allowed methods for the plug-ins to use.

Add the Geolocalized tasks as a plugin.

  • The plugin implements a new option for a user to define the task's location. This option is situated on the right sidebar under the task dates.
    • Possible ways to do this:
      • A new window opens and the user defines all the options there.
      • The localization options are included on the Add task interface. A new pane that can be hidden like the one on the GNOME Clock, is added to this interface. When the pane is visible it shows the map and the options that the user can enter.
        • Users can add the location on the map, by pin-pointing the location. Users can add locations by coordinates or street address.
        • The map should show by default some user defined location when no localization method is available or automatically detect the users location.
  • A localization preference option added to the main GTG! Interface. My suggestion is a menu for the plug-in options (Plug-in options, Localization preferences for example).
    • Here a user selects his default location for a starting point on the map.
    • Users also select the preferred location determination methods (GPS, Hostip, cell phone, etc).
  • The plugin extends the workview concept and filters the tasks by location. A task that can be completed "right now" is a task that also matches the users current location.
    • A user should also be able to enable/disable this feature on the plug-in options.
  • A new "map view" that will enable a pane with a map showing the users tasks.
    • This pane could have two columns. On one side there will be kind of a workview list of tasks and on the other a map with the tasks. (?)

Geoclue python support

I prupose to create a python-geoclue lib/module that facilitates the geoclue implemantation on any python project.

  • Python-geoclue (pygeoclue) is under development. It's available at my launchpad branch lp:~pcabido/+junk/pygeoclue.

  • It currently supports:
    • Discovery of the current location
    • Get the available providers
    • Change the default position provider
    • Change the default address provider
    • Change the Client Requirements
    • Signal support to detect changes on the address or position

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