The Idea

GTG Geolocalized tasks

  • Ability to define a tasks location.
  • A option to enable location based tasks so that the workview only shows the tasks that are possible to do "right now, where you are".
  • Ability to see the tasks in a map with a callout.
  • The map display of a task also uses it's color (if defined).
  • A "map view" that will enable a pane with two columns. On one side there will be kind of a workview list of tasks and on the other a map with the tasks.
    • When a user zooms (in/out) the list of tasks adapts to the tasks shown on the map.

The GNOME Applet

  • List tasks (workview).
  • Search tasks.
  • Ability to show a map with the tasks (instead of the list).
  • When a user clicks on a task GTG opens.
  • Ability to create a new tasks from the applet.

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