Geolocalized-tasks plugin


  • libchamplain : Libchamplain is a C library providing a ClutterActor to display maps. It also provides a Gtk+ widget to display maps in Gtk+ applications. Mono, Python and Perl bindings are available.

    • You can download libchamplain from:
      • There are no current python bindings for cluter 1.0, the last version is 0.9 so for the geolocalized-tasks plugin to work you will need libchamplain version 0.3.5 that you can get here. You also need to have all the clutter 0.8 development libraries installed.

      • Once python-clutter reaches version 1.0 you can use the current development version. You can get it from git:// (git clone git://

      • libchamplain is now available in the ubuntu karmic package repository, but I haven't been able to test it yet so I don't know how it works out.
    • To compile from the source do the following commands:
      • ./ --prefix=/usr --enable-python

      • make

      • sudo make install (you need to make install as root)

The package python-clutter-gtk-dev and libgconf2-dev are required in order to compile libchamplain. On Ubuntu Karmic, you can install the former from the Following ppa

  • Geoclue : Geoclue is a modular geoinformation service built on top of the D-Bus messaging system. The goal of the Geoclue project is to make creating location-aware applications as simple as possible.

    • You can download Geoclue from:
    • To compile from the source do the following commands:
      • ./ --prefix=/usr

      • make

      • sudo make install (you need to make install as root)

  • python-geoclue : Python Geoclue module. python-geoclue is nice API interface for Geoclue, based on Geoclue's D-Bus API.

    • This module depends on Geoclue and should be the only thing you need but to make sure you have all the needed dependencies I'll leave Geoclue in the list.
    • You can download python-geoclue from:
    • To install the module from the source do the following:
      • sudo ./ install (you need to run setup as root)

Where you can get it!

You can download GTG with the geolocalized-task's plugin from:

  • Getting Things Gnome's current development branch

    • I will add a direct link to a package containing only the plugin soon.
    • The plugin is shipped with GTG but currently the latest GTG release is 0.1.2 and the plugin was only made prior to this release.

How to install the plugin

This plugin is shipped with Getting Things Gnome's latest version.

Anyway, if you want to install the plugin you just have to place it in the following directory:

  • $XDG_HOME/gtg/plugins/
    • $XDG_HOME is normally your $HOME/.config directory

How to use it

The plugin is easy to use but you should have one thing in mind, once enabled it extends the Work View to tasks you can do "right now and right here".
The location is a tag attribute and when a tag is associated with a task, the task gains the tag's location. If two different tags are associated with a task and both have the location set, the task will gain those two location and will be displayed in the map with those two locations.

You can associate a location to a task mostly in two distinct ways:

  • In the tag view, if you right click on the desired tag you can choose "Assign a location to this tag" and in the dialog that opens you can pin point the location in the map, assigning that location to the tag. At any time you can change the tag's location by doing the same.


  • You can also add the task's location while adding ou modifying a task. In the task editor there is a button named "Set/View Location" that will open a dialog in witch you can set the location if no location is set or view the task's location.

    • If no location is defined you'll get a dialog like this one (below) where you can associate the location to a new tag or to a existing tag (if any tag without a location is associated with the task). I don't know if this is the best option for the UI, if you have any suggestion to change this dialog, let me know.

    • If the location is already set, you will get a dialog like this one:

  • There is also a preferences dialog where you can set the plugin's settings. It's currently listed under the Plugins menu but soon it will be available in a a configuration option in the plugin manager. In the settings dialog you can change:
    • The location determination method. This is how your location will be discovered by Geoclue, witch resources to use. The network resource should always be left enabled, it works very well and is a good backup when one of the others fails to acquire the current position.
      • If a provider is installed but isn't available it will not show up as active in the settings. For example, if you have the gpsd provider installed but don't have a gps configured it will not be shown as active.
    • The proximity factor. Because users may want tasks within a radius of, for example, 5km (10km, 15km, etc) to be shown I created this setting to be adjustable. The distance is measured in kilometers.

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