GSoC2012: information for the GTG applicants

This year, several ideas have again been proposed to apply for a GSoC with GNOME and Getting Things GNOME! Those ideas are posted here: SummerOfCode2012/Ideas/.

As you can see on this page three ideas are suggested:

  • Design a new UI for GTG that will fit in the Gnome 3.x desktop
  • Task editor rework
  • Reoccurring tasks

(We're of course open to other propositions! It would be wise to contact the developers beforehand, though.)

This page summarizes some information for the candidates that would be interested in working on those project, and help them for their application.

Picking a bug to solve to fill the application

As written in SummerOfCode2012/Students, the applicants should pick a bug related to the module for which they want to contribute in their project. This allows them to start the collaboration with the project, to work with the project's development tools and to see what the development process is in this project (as well as getting in touch with the developers). The aim is to demonstrate your willingness and capacity to work on the module targeted by the project proposal. The bug you pick shouldn'ttherefore necessary be difficult ones, but relevant. Choose carefully.

In order to help you to pick a bug, you will find some advices and small lists below for each project.

Design a new UI for GTG that will fit in the Gnome 3.x desktop

Please contact BertrandRousseau if you need guidance for this.

For this project, someone would design and propose an improved UI for GTG that respect the new Gnome 3 HIG. However, apart from the generic bugs directly related to the GSoC idea (see below), most existing bugs don't involve UI design or GTK3 port. Since this project will require to code using python GTK3, it would be most useful to work with those widgets and python bindings as soon as possible.

To apply to this project, I would thus advise any applicant to start coding a small & simple prototype of a task browser using python GTK3. This should demonstrate some basic user interaction related to the task browser: e.g. display a window which list several tasks. It could very well reproduce the existing UI, but it should use python GTK3. Note: this could very well be a non-working prototype, which would only display hardcoded infromation (indeed, getting everything to work from the start will probably be non-trivial), but it MUST show that you can work with UIs. Once it runs, the applicants should notify his/her work in the bug report(s), register his/her personal branch in launchpad (bug and repository lists), and ask a developer to review the code (for code style, etc) using launchpad or the mailing-lists. This work will bootstrap the branch he/she will work on during the GSoC, should the project be accepted.

If you however prefer to work on a less generic bug, this is also possible. Pick a bug from launchpad related to UI and try to fix it (perform the same actions as mentioned below). You can pick a bug from the list below for instance.

GTK3/GNOME3-related bugs:

UI-related bugs (the first ones are easier):

Repeating tasks

Please contact LionelDricot if you need guidance for those.

Some related bugs:

Text editor rework

Please contact LionelDricot if you need guidance for those.

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